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2022 Research Projects in Review

    Understanding the lake is key to looking after it.

    So the RLEF has once again launched a Call for Participation for research exploring the environment of our lakes. Proposals are in, and the RLEF Board is now conducting their review.

    As they read, Board Members are assessing each proposal to ensure that it’s relevant, significant, feasible, and timely. We are looking for project teams that are qualified and connected to our local issues. Past researchers have been able to leverage RLEF funds through matching to build larger projects, and we encourage this.

    We hope that the results of RLEF-funded research will be accessible and understandable to people on the lake. Local press has been great about covering past activities (see the report in the Review Mirror from 2021)

    In the end, we hope the work we fund will have an impact, and that we can all build our knowledge of issues we care about. That’s what we’ll be looking for when we make our final decisions.

    We need your support to continue to fund Research Grants. Please give online.

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