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RLEF is a registered Canadian charity, managed by volunteers.

We rely on your donations to make our work possible.

Please give generously to help us ensure the preservation of the lakes we all love.

All donations to RLEF are tax deductible.

RLEF’s overheads are low.

The vast majority of your donation will flow directly to
protecting the water and lakes that we love.

The Rideau Lakes Need your Help

I am writing on behalf of the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF), a non-profit foundation working with our local lake associations, Big Rideau Lake Association and Upper Rideau Lake Association since 1991. We are a charity registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and issue tax receipts fo…

Giving Shares is Tax Efficient

Reduce Tax-Liability with a Donation to a Canadian Charity If your portfolio has done well this year, you might want to consider donating shares directly to your favourite charity. A securities donation is much more tax-effective than a sale, and subsequent cash donation. You can receive a tax recei…

Appeal sent to URLA Members

Upper Rideau residents invited to support RLEF It’s that time of year again, as charities reach out to their supporters to ask for your continued support. The annual appeal sent to Upper Rideau Lake Association members emphasized the role RLEF can play in ensuring the future of the lake. We want the…

Help out with life insurance

Gifts to charitable organizations — like the RLEF — can have financial benefits as well. This article from The Globe outlines some of the tax benefits of naming a charity in your life insurance policy. You can reduce the taxes owed by your estate with this type of planned gift. Please remember the l…

Support the RLEF in 2021

Letter to Lake Residents To BRLA Members and other Friends of the Rideau Lakes: I am writing on behalf of the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF), to ask for your help. Since 1991, our small non-profit foundation has worked alongside BRLA and other local lake associations to focus on protec…

RLEF Chair Launches 2018 Appeal

Dear Friends of the Rideau Lakes, Since 1991, the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation (RLEF) has protected and preserved the environment of the Rideau Lakes, in collaboration with the Big Rideau Lake Association (BRLA) and the Upper Rideau Lake Association (URLA). A registered Canadian charity, we…

We need your help to do our work.

Your donation enables the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation
to continue to protect and preserve the lakes we all love.

Please give generously.