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About Us


The RLEF was formed by the Big Rideau Lake Association (BRLA) as a registered charity in 1991, to fund activities for the environmental protection of Rideau Lake and its watersheds. In 2001, its scope was formally broadened to encompass Upper Rideau Lake.

Since 1991, the RLEF has raised over $200,000 which has been devoted to such projects as water testing, bass tracking, loon and frog monitoring, and shoal markers. We have also assisted in challenging developments which could adversely impact the environmental quality of the Lakes. 

RLEF maintains an action fund intentionally held back to fund a project or opposition which requires more substantial financial resources.

A registered Canadian charity, we support projects that safeguard and enhance our lake environment.
Your donations are tax deductible.

Please give generously to support our work.

Not For Profit

RLEF is a registered Canadian charity. Your donations to support our work are tax-deductable.


RLEF is managed by a volunteer board of directors drawn from the Big and Upper Rideau Lake Associations.

Interested in helping out?

Low Overheads

Our overheads are low. The vast majority of your donation will flow directly to protecting the water and lakes that we love.



The Big Rideau Lake Association is dedicated to building a strong community in a safe and healthy environment on and around Big Rideau Lake.


The Upper Rideau Lake Association (URLA) is a volunteer-run not-for-profit organization comprised of community members surrounding Upper Rideau Lake.

We need your help to do our work.

Your donation enables the Rideau Lakes Environmental Foundation
to continue to protect and preserve the lakes we all love.

Please give generously.