Lake Health

RLEF supports projects that protect, preserve, and enhance our lake environment, including shoreline restoration, habitat reconstruction, and water testing.

  • URLA Continues Shoreline Restoration Program

    Maintaining a natural shoreline helps protect and preserve water quality and preserve our lakes’ environment. The Upper Rideau Lake Association (URLA) has a long-standing partnership with a local supplier of native plants. RLEF funding has enabled them to provide materials to further the naturalization of the shoreline of Upper Rideau Lake. At its October 2021

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  • Water Rangers Test Sites - Big Rideau Lake

    BRLA works with Water Rangers

    Monitoring is key to maintaining the health of our lakes. The RLEF has provided funds to the BRLA to purchase testing kits necessary for volunteers to conduct regular tests of the water quality on Big Rideau Lake. Working in conjunction with the Water Rangers, volunteers from the BRLA are regularly taking samples and testing the

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